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Looking for a VW T5 campervan for sale? At Expedition Campers, we specialise in providing top-tier Volkswagen T5 campervans, meticulously converted to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and comfort. Our commitment to excellence ensures that all of our campervans are not only reliable and functional but also stylish and cosy, perfect for your adventures on the road!

Explore our range and discover why our VW T5 campervans for sale are the ideal choice for your next journey.

Why Choose a VW T5 Camper?

Discover the benefits of owning a Volkswagen T5 campervan from Expedition Campers and experience the perfect blend of reliability, design and practicality on your next adventure. Call Us 

Reliability and durability

One of the primary reasons for choosing a VW T5 camper for sale from Expedition Campers is its renowned reliability and durability. The T5 is built to last, with a robust engine and high-quality construction that ensures it can handle a variety of terrains and weather conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for long-term travel and frequent adventures.

Iconic design

The T5 boasts an iconic design that stands out on the road. Its classic yet modern aesthetic appeals to both traditional campervan enthusiasts and new adventurers alike. Its stylish interior and thoughtful layout provide not only a visually pleasing experience but also a comfortable and practical one too. 

Easy to park and manoeuvre

Unlike larger motorhomes, the VW T5 campervan is incredibly easy to park and manoeuvre. Its compact size allows you to effortlessly navigate through city streets and tight spaces. Whether you’re exploring urban areas or a remote campsite, the T5 makes driving and parking a complete breeze. 

Features of larger motorhomes

Despite its compact size, the VW T5 campervan is equipped with the majority of features that you would expect from a larger motorhome but without the hassle of having to pay extra for road tolls and ferries. From a well-designed kitchenette and cosy sleeping areas to ample storage space and modern amenities, the Volkswagen T5 offers a comprehensive and comfortable living experience on the road.

Check Out Our Range

Explore the VW T5 camper conversions we have on offer at Expedition Campers.

St Tropez

The St Tropez, available with a short or long wheelbase, combines ample storage and a family-friendly design with full camper facilities and customisation options. Key features include a two-seat Rock n Roll bed, extended storage, a range of upgraded alloy wheel options, LED lighting and a 50L fridge-freezer unit.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo, available with a short or long wheelbase, features full camper facilities and a kitchen with a leisure-grade microwave for hot meals on the go. With seating for five, a full-length pop top roof and a bed system suitable for adults, it offers unparalleled comfort and functionality.

Le Mans

The Le Mans excels in both urban and countryside settings with easy parking and full camper facilities. Ideal for families with small children, it features a three-seat upgraded rear bed with ISOFIX, seating for up to six people and a full-length pop top roof with a bed system suitable for adults.


A premium conversion with up to six seats and modern amenities, the Santorini offers a contemporary kitchen and a luxurious travel experience. Its long wheelbase chassis provides more floor space and storage, while a three-seat upgraded rear bed with ISOFIX ensures family comfort and safety.


Our top-of-the-range model, the Portofino, provides unmatched comfort and convenience with its spacious living area and industry-leading boot space. It features a full-size oven, an external barbecue grill and a three-seat upgraded rear bed with ISOFIX.

Pursuit 2 and 4

The Pursuit, available in two models, is your ultimate outdoor companion with its versatile gear storage solutions. You can tailor your experience with short or long wheelbase options and enjoy on-the-go cleanliness, comfort and convenience with its high-pressure shower system, up to eight travelling seats and full-width Mobiframe rear bed.

Support Services: Quality and Warranty

At Expedition Campers, we guarantee the quality and reliability of every Volkswagen T5 camper for sale with our comprehensive warranty coverage and stringent quality assurance measures. Our after-sales support includes maintenance services to ensure you receive ongoing assistance and care for your vehicle, providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

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